Best wedding centerpieces ideas for tables in 2017

Published on by Jimmie Doiron

The big day is all about small touches, and eye-catching centerpieces for memorable decor. They’ll reveal your uniqueness as well as your creative side as a couple, making your “I Dos” a truly memorable event. Speaking of memorable, these creative wedding favors create a thoughtful treat for the visitors!

Sand Bottles

Just like when you used to make them as a kid, sand bottles are dramatic decor. Fill uniquely shaped bottles, for example old milk jugs, with sand in colors of your choosing, stick in a blossom or succulent, or show as is.


Gumballs are an unexpected and astonishingly delightful table accessory. Make use of them to fill a trough comprising a row of votives.

Adore Pails

Paint buckets together with the sentiment of your choice (stick with all the word “Love” or spell out the joyful couple’s name, etc.), and fill them with water and fresh cut blooms. Black and white is smart, but you might also make a variation that is colorful too.

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Vintage Tea Tins

Here’s a colorful centerpiece thought that’s full of nature: Use an eclectic number of classic tea tins as flower vases.

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Tulle Pompoms

Make your personal variation of those whimsical pompoms that are tulle with this particular tutorial. They’re a subtle but remarkable bit of decor.

Floating Bloom Hurricanes

This whimsical centerpiece is inexpensive and oh-so-easy. Make hurricanes out of vases and candlesticks (or buy them) and fill them with water, rose petals, and also a floating candle.

PVC Pipe Vases

Occasionally the ornamentation that are top begin with all the most improbable materials. Who would’ve believed PVC conduits could turn into vases that were energetic.


Nothing adds life to the celebration just like a centerpiece that’s living. Buy a lot of goldfish at your neighborhood pet store and show them in a ring-shaped bowl with colorful pebbles to match your decor.

Classic Novels

For the literary couple, stacks of vintage novels create a unique and homey setting. Intersperse glass bottles stuffed with blossoms for a bit of color.

No one wants their nuptials to be cookie cutter, however you can rack up a huge bill trying to get the perfect decor. Instead, have fun adding personal and home made touches via these creative centerpieces. They’re have a lot of character, and easy, cheap.

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