Best friend wedding gift ideas in 2017

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Shopping to find the best wedding gift? The Knot has rounded up creative, traditional and personalized wedding gift ideas you can purchase now.
Shopping to find the best wedding gift? The Knot has rounded up creative, traditional, and personalized wedding gift ideas that you can buy now. If you prefer to direct from the standard wedding registry in order to find unique wedding gift ideas, keep reading for hand-picked wedding gift ideas that will definitely get noticed in the eyes of the wedding couple.
Wedding gift etiquette could be tricky, so choose a budget based on the kind of relationship you've got with the ones tying the knot. Remain within these ranges
Coworkers/distant family friends/relatives: $50–$80
Relatives/friends: $80–$120
Close relatives/friends: $120–$175
Urbanites: $175–250
Are you currently looking for wedding gift ideas that are creative? Occasionally roaming from the registry is the best move, particularly when you are exceptionally close using the couple tying the knot. In the event that you are familiar with the bride and bridegroom’s private style, amaze them using a distinctive wedding gift they’ll undoubtedly appreciate.

Crate & Barrel Croquet Set

Understand a couple that loves games? An entire croquet set for backyard entertaining is a trendy wedding gift idea. The bundle has everything you will need to get a 4-person match balls, mallets, pegs, and wickets.
Crate & Barrel Croquet Set, $150,

Print glassware that is metallic

Follow this tutorial and find out the best way to decorate basic glasses with mod geometric gold designs and dupe bridegroom and the bride having a handcrafted— very professionally although appearing—drinkware set. No one will understand the expense of making these, helping to make them great wedding gifts.
Sarah Hearts DIY Metallic Print Glassware, prices vary,

Mouth The Happy Couple

This unique wedding gift idea is perfect for the foodie-focused couple that values sweet, artisanal goods. The present set is packed with a unique slate serving board, plus deluxe handmade treats including; rich caramels, decadent pecan brittle, buttery shortbreads.
Mouth The Happy Couple Gift Set, $160.50,

Food52 Iconic Cookbook Set

For the couple that loves cooking together and spends lots of time in the kitchen, the iconic cookbook set is a creative wedding gift idea that also looks great on the shelf and ’s exceptionally useful.
Food52 Iconic Cookbook Set, $250,

Etsy luggage tags

Kick off the newlywed’s honeymoon excursion with a remarkable personalized wedding gift: coordinated leather, handcrafted bag labels that'll last them a life and which are really timeless.
Etsy His and Hers Leather Luggage Tags, $45,

Artifact Uprising wooden box

Artifact Rebellion sells a hand-crafted wooden box that is customizable having a picture (or text) of selection printed on the outside. This personalized wedding gift prints or will come in handy for storing the couple’s photo books.
Artifact Uprising Wooden Box, $95,

Uncommon Goods Junction of Love Photo

Thoughts for wedding gifts from the heart are tough to come by, but look! Pay homage to the moment the bride and bridegroom’s paths first crossed with a personalized art print made only for them.
Uncommon Goods Intersection of Love Photo Print, $75–$175,

Bloomingdale’s All Clad Pizza Grilling Stone Set

The pizza adoring, culinary centered duo that loves spending time in the kitchen together will value a highend All Clad pizza grilling stone set. This wedding gift idea that is cool transforms the bride and groom’s oven into an old-fashioned brick fireplace. The bundle comes complete with a round pizza stone, stainless steel as well as a pizza cutter.
Bloomingdale’s All-Clad Pizza Grilling Stone Set, $125,

Banquet halls

Wedding venue

West Elm Mid Century Bar Cart

Feeling generous that is extra?
West Elm Mid-Century Bar Cart, $349,

Food52 Mediterranean Vinyl Kitchen Mat

Bring life and color to any kitchen flooring using an ornate patterned vinyl mat resembling exotic Mediterranean tiles. Food52 sells an array of unique wedding gift ideas which might be ideal for newlyweds that are trendy.
Food52 Mediterranean Vinyl Kitchen Mat, $114,

The Wonderful Drawer DIY Botanical Coasters

These delightful DIY botanic coasters, made with simple-to-use polymer clay and pressed leaves, can pass to get a designer-quality houseware present. This inexpensive wedding gift idea is far from looking affordable and will certainly complement any coffee table.
The Lovely Drawer DIY Botanical Coasters, prices vary,

CB2 Cork Earth

Surprise the globe-trotting bride and groom with wedding gift ideas that are creative. CB2 sells a world made out of cork—mounted on a contemporary stainless steel base —so the newlyweds can quickly track their journeys and explorations.
CB2 Cork Globe, $129,

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